O is for Online Shopping! #AtoZChallenge

O is for Online Shopping! #AtoZChallenge

Real scenario:  I’m stuck in traffic (car is at a standstill) – I decide to multi-task, so I open the Amazon app and lickety click I’ve purchased just what I need while sitting in traffic.  I saved myself a stop after work – In most cases, I get the item the next day.  That my friends is how you get ‘er done!  Saves so much time and much less stress.

I love to shop online and rarely go into the store these days except for groceries –  I still do the old-school way……push a cart and fill it up.   There’s a fairly new grocery store in our area where you have to bag your own groceries (no likey!).  I go there only when I need a few things – stresses me out bagging my groceries and there always seems to be someone right behind me so I feel pressure to bag fast!  You see, I have a certain way I like to bag my groceries and it takes time, but others don’t see it that way…..(that’s for another post!)

Target grocery shopping with my daughter, the best!

I’m thinking of trying grocery shopping online, have you tried it?

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5 Replies to “O is for Online Shopping! #AtoZChallenge”

  1. I love shopping online – I was an early Amazon purchaser back when all they sold was books. LOL! I use the app a lot but I also like to use the smile.amazon.com to donate part of my purchase price to a favorite charity. I have to buy it online to do that so I tend to put stuff in my cart and complete the order when I’m home.

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    1. Yes, I agree. I love to use AmazonSmile as well, but have to do it on the desktop. Doesn’t work so well when impatient and in traffic. haha!

  2. I used WebVan when they still existed for groceries. When they went under, I stared using the online shopping from a regional grocery store. Loved both of them! Here in Ecuador, I sometimes need to go to several stores to find one item. A bit different. LOL!

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador

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