I’ve always loved to write and I frequently journal – especially when traveling because of the unknown territory, people, experiences, etc.  Like my travels, I found progressive hearing loss taking me on another journey……..an internal one.

The types of things you’ll find me writing about are my simple perspectives on day-to-day life and travels.  Let’s face it, funny things happen when you miss a word or two!  I’ve had some challenges traveling alone, using the drive-thru has given me some surprises (extra food!), social outings get interesting, etc.   I know I don’t fit the “norm”, but I no longer care!  My goal is to live life as fully, authentically and intentionally as possible.

I hope sharing it will allow me to find people I can relate to, inspire and/or help understand what it’s like living with hearing loss. Yes, it gets frustrating – I’m not going to lie, but my advice will always be not to let hearing loss get you down.  You can live a quality life – you just learn to live it differently!