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C is for Coach (not a Coach purse, Ha!) #AtoZChallenge

So many different types of coaches these days.  Here are a few off the top of my head:

  • Life Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Health & Wellness Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Career Coach
  • and the good ol’ fashioned Sports Coach

When I started my journey with hearing loss, I took a “time out” from a career I had in banking which brought me a lot of satisfaction, as well as a pretty good income.  I held various job titles:  Mortgage Loan Officer, Teller, Personal Banker and my last position was an Assistant Banking Center Manager.  Yes, I left banking at a time when I was really starting to “climb the corporate ladder” so-to-speak.  Then as life would have it, things changed and my focus wasn’t on my next job title at the bank, rather it was just finding my next steps in living my new life with hearing loss.

It’s been 4 years since that time and I have a new job title, Job Coach – Imagine that?!  What does a “Job Coach” do you ask?  Well, I work specifically with people who have disabilities.  I provide one-on-one training tailored to the needs of the specific individual.  We may start with a job analysis to identify areas of interest and then specific job duties, followed by developing a plan so they can be completely self-sufficient and able to perform the job without assistance.  It’s rewarding to help and watch my clients grow through these steps.

Here I am at the library where I meet a lot of my clients

As I look back, through my time coaching various bank teams and now working one-on-one with people with disabilities, it comes down to this one key element:  Whether you have a disability or not, it doesn’t matter, what matters is being a coachable person!

It is my belief that being coachable – even if it makes you feel vulnerable – is the secret to achieving many or most of your dreams!  Please share your experience.  Have you used a coach in the past or are you currently?


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  1. Emily Bloomquist

    What a life change in every way! We never know what tomorrow will hold. It is great to read about how you are having a positive impact on others going through similar things. A lot of authors and bloggers were my informal coaches before I moved to Ecuador 🙂 What a difference it makes to hear from someone who has already traveled the journey you are about to take.

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador

  2. So happy you have found a way to give back from what you are learning for yourself. Great post!

    Donna McNicol, author & traveler

  3. Great that you can use your own experience to motivate others – coaching is not an easy job. Kudos.

    All the best for the A-Z,


    • Heidi

      You’re right, it’s not easy….Oftentimes you are looking inward to see how it is you can better help the other person.

  4. You seem to be taking whatever life is throwing at you head on and emerging successful….your spirit and attitude are inspiring …. That must be an additional lesson for your clients… Way to go

  5. I have been a supporter of Coaching for about fifteen years, ever since meeting and hiring my first Personal Coach. I still remember and practice the things she taught me. Imagine my amazement to find a fabulous Coach here in Cuenca. She enriches my life every session.

    • Heidi

      I’ve not tried a Personal Coach, but have heard wonderful things about having one! Good for you!

  6. Scarlett Braden

    I’m a writer and I love helping others achieve their dreams of publishing a book. I never once thought of it as coaching until the other day when I sent someone some feedback on a story and some contest information and he started calling me “coach.” I’ve never been called coach before. It seems intimidating to me. Like I need to offer more. Good for you, finding something that works for you, and is so helpful to others.

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