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D is for Dog – One Spoiled Dog that is! #AtoZChallenge

After having a few incidents at home, not hearing the doorbell, oven timer beeping, family walking in (scaring me half to death), etc.  I realized, it was time to get a dog.  Not just any ol’ dog though, I had a few requirements for my future companion:  I definitely wanted an older, small, lap dog – because sadly, it’s harder for rescue organizations to adopt out the senior dogs; therefore, I had to make sure I found one to love.

The hunt began with several failed attempts at the county animal shelters.  Yes, there were an abundance of dogs, but very few small ones that caught my eye (I mean, this is a serious commitment!).  I decided to look at a couple of the animal rescue sites online.  That’s when I found an ad for a small, female senior dog that had been an emotional support dog to a deaf lady.  BINGO, I had to have her!! There were no pictures posted, I didn’t know her color or her breed.  All I knew is that dog was going to be mine.  So, I quickly sent off an email requesting to meet her.  There were a few email exchanges and then nothing……I was devastated!

Several weeks went by and I reluctantly searched the county animal shelters again with no luck.  I even went to a rescue event at a car dealership and found a small senior dog there, walked the dog around for a while and thought I may want to adopt it, but something kept me from doing it that day.

It was several days later, when I received an email from the same lady a few weeks earlier, she was inquiring if I was still interested in the dog.  I confirmed this was the dog that lived with the deaf lady and she said yes.  Within an hour of that email, I was down at the shelter to meet my Bonnie!

Here’s Bonnie after a visit with the groomer – All clean!

I must say, Bonnie is the perfect dog for me.  We bonded instantly and she’s been by my side ever since the first ride home in the car.  She’s helped ease my anxiety when I’m home alone – she’s my “ears”, lets me know when something is up!

When I look back over those couple months of searching for Bonnie, I see how everything fell into place and was meant for her to be with us.  Yes, I rescued Bonnie, but she also rescued me.


C is for Coach (not a Coach purse, Ha!) #AtoZChallenge


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  1. Wonderful story. You both look very happy.

  2. That is the beauty of rescuing – it’s a mutual affair. I love how this story ended with you and Bonnie finding each other and being such a perfect match.

  3. Amazing journey to get a best friend and help mate!

    D: Dominica & D-Day Museum
    DB McNicol, author & traveler
    Theme: Oh, the places we will go!

  4. What a wonderful story, you both look so happy together. Bonnie looks an awful lot like my first dog, Lady.

    We had a similar experience with getting our dog, Tara. There was someone else lined up to adopt her when we expressed an interest so I thought we’d missed out. Then the day after she was supposed to go to her new home I got a message to say that they hadn’t shown up and were we still interested. Of course we were! And now she’s very much ours. 🙂

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

  5. That’s such a sweet story, thanks so much for sharing it. You and Bonnie were obviously meant to be 🙂

    Dogs make everything better!

  6. Katie

    awww…this post made me smile. Thank you! Bonnie sounds wonderful. Dogs really are the best people 🙂
    Blog hopping A to Z…

  7. Emily Bloomquist

    Sure sounds like you and Bonnie were meant to be together!

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador

    • Heidi

      Yes we are and now I can’t imagine being without her. We went on vacation recently and I missed her so much!

  8. I am happy that you found the perfect dog. She’s a cutie! I too have the perfect dog (for me). We got him as a pup but he is a senior now. It is so great that you focused your search on senior dogs. WeekendsInMaine

  9. This is such a lovely read.
    I wish i could hug you
    *sending hugs from India*

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