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E is for Egg Explosion #AtoZChallenge

My husband and I have been on the low-carb way of eating for a few months and with that, you eat A LOT of eggs!  I’m often boiling eggs so we can have hard boiled eggs ready for consumption on a moment’s notice.  The thing about boiling eggs on the stove is (with my method), it takes a bit of time and attention for the perfect hard-boiled egg.  My little process isn’t hard, but it’s that waiting for the pot to boil that gets me every time!

Here’s my method to get the perfect hard-boiled egg:

  1. Put the eggs in the pot and cover them with water.
  2. Place the pot on the stove and let the water get to a rolling boil (Here’s where I get inpatient)
  3. Once at a rolling boil, set the timer for 6 minutes
  4. After 6 minutes, pull the pot off the burner and let the water cool down w/eggs in it.
  5. Once the water is at room temp, the eggs are done!

As I said, I get inpatient and begin doing something else while I’m waiting for the water to boil – like a few weeks ago.  I was distracted by getting on the computer, couldn’t hear the water boiling (surprise, surprise) and BAM, Egg Explosion!

Eggs exploded – Ruined a good pot too!

You can imagine the smell in the house!

Nothing a little incense can’t take care of!

So, at the recommendation of a friend, I decided to buy an egg boiler that you can use in the microwave.  You just set your eggs in it (with a little water), microwave for 9 minutes or so and DONE!  No more worries about eggs popping, pans burning and a horrible smell in the house.

My new microwave egg boiler – Problem solved!

Please share your kitchen mishaps so I don’t feel alone…….


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  1. Emily Bloomquist

    The first time I tried to make muffins two miles above sea level, I used my standard recipe. I figured I would adjust after seeing the results. In the oven, the muffins rose and rose and rose, overflowed, then collapsed. Lots of cleanup later, I enjoyed the ugly muffins 🙂

    I am going to try your stovetop egg method. With mine, I have to pour the hot water out while not breaking the eggs. Yours sounds better (minus the explosion)!

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador

    • Heidi

      Yes, baking is quite different from higher altitudes!! I hope you find my hard boil boiled egg cooking process works for you.

  2. Friend of mine and I decided we are gonna make one of those Pintrest Jello shot cups made of Jolly-Ranchers. She went and got the Jello shot mold from the store. I asked her to make sure she got one that was oven-capable, she said she did. So we start jamming jolly ranchers into this mold. Thinking it will all melt in to some Pintrest worthy pretty little cups. Well, we put the mold into the oven and a few minutes later we see the mold starting to melt….and melt….and the jolly ranchers are barely even melting. Well at that point the molds were ruined so we just let it cook till the Jolly ranchers finally melted enough for us to make a claim that we tried. We pulled the whole thing out, waited for it to cool. The mold came off the candy (thank god) but the ‘cups’ were not in fact cups, just jolly rancher blobs. ::sigh:: oh the Pintrest fails…

  3. I turned the water on in the kitchen sink to fill it – I wanted to soak something. I picked up a book while it was filling – got completely distracted and flooded the kitchen. There was a waterfall in the basement where the water was running through the wall.

  4. exploding eggs, burnt potatoes. Two messes I’ve had to clean up more than once.

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