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F is for FM System #AtoZChallenge

While hearing aids these days are (in of itself) some pretty awesome technology, they can also be enhanced by the use of an FM System to help a person hear distance or in a noisy environment.

You may recognize FM in terms of radio – FM Radio (Frequency Modulation).  The reason FM transmission is used to help hearing aid wearers is that it’s resilient to noise and interference, which helps preserve the quality and clarity of the sound being transmitted.

Here’s my SmartLink .
It’s a three-in-one device: an FM transmitter, a mobile phone Bluetooth link and hearing aid remote control. It’s pretty cool!

How does it work?  As you can see it’s small and portable, which makes it very convenient to use in a variety of daily situations where hearing assistance is needed.  When I am in those situations, I turn on my “SmartLink”, it syncs up to my hearing aids (via Bluetooth technology) and I’m quickly able to hear better – sometimes a few tables over, so be careful if sitting next to me!

Just like any part of the body (ears no exception) if you’re straining to hear, you will suffer mental fatigue – I am often exhausted after being in challenging hearing environments.  This is why I like using the FM system because it reduces my mental fatigue and allows me to have the energy to do other things as opposed to collapsing at the end of the day.

You can purchase an FM system online, in electronics stores and through your audiologist.  If you don’t wear hearing aids, but struggle to hear, you may want to consider getting a hearing test! (Also, read my “A” post about my audiogram experience – haha!) Have you had a hearing test lately?


E is for Egg Explosion #AtoZChallenge


G is for Games (with the Gameboy Geek)


  1. I love to listen to FM Radio. Music & songs pep me up!

  2. Interesting. Hubby is on his second set of hearing aids and they keep getting more and more advanced. This set bluetooths to his iPhone and he can make adjustments in volume from there. He really likes them and I’m glad it’s considered workmen’s comp and we don’t pay for them. LOL!

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    • Heidi

      That’s really awesome Donna because hearing aids are expensive! I’m getting ready for my 3rd set here pretty soon and can’t wait to have the ability to control them from my phone!

  3. While I do not need hearing aids, yet (it is likely a matter of time since both my mother and an aunt have them), this is interesting information. I was amazed at the things my mom can do with hers compared to what my grandma had to deal with.

    • Heidi

      Yes, technology is really progressing just like with computers, cell phones, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing advances with cochlear implants!

  4. Quite an informative post! learned something today 🙂
    Thanks For Sharing
    Best Wishes!

  5. Emily Bloomquist

    What awesome technology!

    I do not think I have had a hearing test for at least 20 years. Absolutely time for one for me. Thanks for the reminder!

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