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G is for Games (with the Gameboy Geek)

Recently I was invited over to my friend Dan’s house, “The Gameboy Geek”, for a gaming party.   Never been to a gaming party before; therefore, I didn’t know what to expect – this would be the first time I’ve actually played board games with hearing loss.  (Yea, It’s been a few years….hahaha!)  I admit, I’m not usually one to sit still long enough to play board games, but I decided to go and check it out.

There were several tables set up and a different game was being played at each table.  Quickly into our table game, I realized I couldn’t keep up – I forgot how interactive gaming was!  As a matter of fact, one game we played involved quite a bit of collaboration.  I admit, I was lost and decided to just observe, but it made me sad because I wanted to be a part of the fun.

After the gaming event, I reached out to Dan (or “Geek” as I call him) to share my difficulty in playing games at his party.  I asked if he could suggest some games that would be good for people with hearing loss and here are his suggestions:

Happy salmon.

Reverse Charades

Letter Tycoon

Dan makes it easy by showing you how to play each game in the videos, I like that and look forward to having a gaming party of my own very soon!  What’s your favorite board game to play?


F is for FM System #AtoZChallenge


H is for my name……Heidi #AtoZChallenge


  1. Dan

    Great blog Heidi! I’m glad you had fun, and that I could help bring other games to your attention that you can play with hearing challenges. It was something I never thought of before and it was a great exercise to go through!

  2. My husband is partially deaf and we enjoy trivia games. So long as the person reading the question speaks clearly and he can see to lip read, he’s fine. We played Trivial Pursuit at Christmas in teams which meant if he wasn’t clear on something he could check with the rest of the team as well.

    We have a Sherlock Holmes game which is fun as well. The clues are written in a book so you read them and make notes. The last two times we’ve played that one, he’s beaten me, so it’s been a while since I’ve allowed it out the cupboard since then, hehe.

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

    • Heidi

      That’s great! Yes, definitely need to see lips in not only gaming, but every day conversation.

  3. I haven’t played many board or people interactve games in years. Akso being hard of hearing I would share your frustrations. Sounds like “Geek” may have your solution.
    Thanks for participating in the AtoZ Challenge.
    — Judy Rinehimer

    • Heidi

      Hi Judy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am definitely looking into some of the quieter versions of games the Gameboy Geek mentioned. I forgot how fun board games are!

  4. Emily Bloomquist

    Great post, Heidi. I cannot imagine how frustrating it was trying to play but not hearing the collaborative efforts. Glad Dan had suggestions and it will be interesting to read your follow up post if you decide to try them.

    Emily | AtoZ | My Life In Ecuador

  5. Wow! What a great post idea…thanks for sharing.

    G: Galapagos & Glacier Nat’l Park
    DB McNicol, author & traveler
    Theme: Oh, the places we will go!

  6. I’m more of a card player than a game board player – it’s the introvert thing methinks. How love how willing Dan was to help you out.

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