I can’t believe it’s been just over 90 days since my cochlear implant surgery. So much has changed and continues to change with my hearing. At first everybody sounded like Darth Vader. As of today, voices still sound deep, but no longer robotic. I am able to distinguish between male and female voices. I hear sounds in nature (birds, leaves rustling, ocean waves crashing, etc.) so crisp and clear – Actually, it seems better than I remember with excellent hearing! I’m still working on music – I listen to the old school station (songs I know) and I am able to name tunes pretty quickly, but they don’t sound the same…..YET, I have hope!

On the flip side, I am getting used to having a dominant ear, whereas before both ears just sucked – I didn’t have anything to compare to or feel “off” about. Now, my implanted ear is my dominant ear. So much so, I don’t like wearing my new hearing aid for the other ear. I really only wear it to keep the nerve stimulated with sound and it does give me a little boost when I’m talking on the phone or listening to audiobooks.

My sparkly new ReSound hearing aid

Speaking of audiobooks……

If you recall, in my last post, I was just getting back behind the wheel. I decided to make the best use of my time by using the two hour commute (back and forth to work) to do some “ear rehab”. Well, I discovered audiobooks – I am in LOVE with AUDIOBOOKS…….Why?! ……..Because, I CAN FINALLY HEAR THEM! I am close to finishing my 5th audiobook – I started the beginning of January and Yes, I’m so addicted! I never thought I could enjoy something like this. I love reading and never understood how anyone could enjoy hearing a story, but now that I can hear, I GET IT!!

Sporting a Cochlear America head wrap on the beach in the Cook Islands – I have my Kanso on underneath the wrap.  It was great to hear the ocean waves!

We just returned from vacation and I share, in the video link below, all the things I can hear and my progress the last several weeks.


Happy Hearing Everyone!